Sexy story: The horny birthday party

“Of course I want to Cliff.” I said into the phone in a hushed voice. I didn’t want my parents hearing this conversation. I mean I was 19 and legal and all but, they would still freak hearing me discuss sex with my boyfriend. “Yes Cliff. You know I want to. I am human too, I lust Cliff. I’m just ready to act on it yet. Give me time OK?” He answer was sulky but, that was to be expected. At 23 he was still just a bundle of hormones. He was good to me and I loved him but, I had been saving our first time. I wasn’t a virgin but, close. I had only had sex a couple of times and wanted to make our first time together special, something he would never forget. He had a birthday coming up and I knew that was the right time.

I hung up the phone after trading “I love you’s” for a few minutes and set about planning my little surprise. Like I said I wanted it to be special but, I also wanted it to be fun and sexy. I doodled on the pad and began to write various ideas down. I scratched a line through each of them as I went and decided against them. There had to be a perfect way top do this. . .had to be a way of being fun, sexy, and surprising. I didn’t want this to be like any of the girls he had been with before. I wanted him to always think of me when he thought of his birthday. That was it. I laughed and began to write. Yes! This was perfect and it would totally catch him off guard. I smiled as I wrote and knew that I had thought of something so different he would never forget it. I was proud of myself. I was also getting horny as I wrote down the details. The more I wrote and imagined what was to come, the wetter my pussy got. Finally, I had it all written down and I looked it over once more, perfect. I turned the light out and slid my hand into my panties and began to play with my pussy, imagining it was Cliff’s fingers playing with me. It was Cliff’s hands rubbing my clit that sent my world spinning and sent me off on a long downward spiral in an orgasmic sleep.

My parents were away the weekend of Cliff’s birthday so I planned it to happen there. I had gotten all of the needed materials and most importantly, had not mentioned anything to Cliff about his birthday. He had hinted again and again but, I ignored the hints and changed the subject and he would get sulky. Now the day of his birthday I waited for him to arrive. He got there right on time and when I met him at the car and led him into the house, I knew he was expecting a surprise party. He even looked in the empty rooms when he thought I wasn’t paying attention. I felt bad for him in a way, he looked so let down but, I also knew what was coming was even better.

We ordered pizza and sat down to eat and watch a movie I knew he did not want to see. He protested and asked if we could watch something else and I began to bitch and moan until he gave in and slumped back to sulk. Finally after a few minutes I asked him why he was so sulky. He looked at me, obviously pissed and told me that it was his birthday and I forgot it. I gasped and told him I was sorry. I had forgotten it with finals in my classes at college, could he forgive me? He was sulky but said yes. He is such a sweety. I leaned over and kissed him,

“Happy birthday baby.” I purred trying to be affectionate but, he was not impressed. He crossed his arms and continued to sulk. I got up and walked to the kitchen and he watched me go.

“Where you going?” He asked.

“To get a soda. . .want one?” I called back.

He grumbled something about not wanting a god damn soda. I kept myself from laughing. He was so cute when he got sulky. Once in the kitchen I checked to make sure he was watching TV and then went to work. I pulled off the sweat shirt and jeans I was wearing and kicked off the shoes. I checked on him again and then grabbed the two cans of fluffy white frosting on the counter and popped em open. I grabbed a spreading knife and scooped some out and started smearing it across my breasts but, it took too long. Scooping my hands into the gooey mess I scooped out a glob and smeared onto my body. I put more and more on myself, giving up the original thought of doing a design of some sort and just covered my tits, belly, and even spread my legs and smeared it all over my shaved pussy. It felt strange smearing between my lips but, sorta good too. My nipples were rock hard from excitement and I checked on him again, still sitting cross armed staring at the TV. I stifled a laugh and took the two birthday candles and stuck them into the frosting above each nipple. I lit them both and took a deep breath and called his name.

“What?” He asked back in a snappy tone.

“I found something. . . it’s not a birthday cake but, I hope it will do.” I said and began to sing Happy Birthday to him and walked out. The look on his face told me he had been about to say some wise assed remark about not needing a cake and then he saw me. His jaw hit the floor. I have a good body, firm c cup breasts, curvy hips. It looked good frosted I guess. I continued singing him Happy Birthday and walked over to the table and leaned back. He got up and came over, his face grinning from ear to ear. When I finished I lay back and smiled
at him.

“Happy birthday baby. Now you can have your cake and eat it too.” I said and smiled. He was speechless. He started pulling off his clothes so fast he nearly knocked himself over pulling his pants over his shoes. I laughed and watched him and then felt the wax dripping from the candles. He walked up to me nude, his 7 inch cock rock hard and bobbing in front of him and leaned down and blew out the candles.

“What did you wish for baby?” I asked him.;-)


He smiled. “Nothing, I got what I wanted.” He said and kissed me. He pulled the candles out of the frosting and sunk his face into it and began licking the frosting off my stiff nipples. It felt so good, so messy. I moaned as he did and he got even more excited. He moved down across my belly, licking and smacking his way down to my pussy. He pulled my legs apart and laughed when he saw the frosting smeared into my pussy.

He dipped his tongue into me and sucked the frosting out and licked me clean. It felt so good I took more on my fingers and smeared it into my pussy and he laughed and went back to work. He took longer this time and licked and sucked my pussy good. His mustache tickled my clit and suddenly I arched my back and dug my heels into his back as an orgasm swept over me. I had never cum from a man licking me. I liked it a lot. He stood up and positioned himself so his cock head rested against my slit and looked at me for approval. I smiled and helped

guide him as he slipped into me. It was wonderful. His thick cock stretched my pussy walls and then he started pumping me.

I smeared my hands in the frosting and began to rub it onto his bare chest as he fucked me, soon covering him with frosting too. He licked it from my fingers and then threw my legs over his shoulders and fucked me so hard and fast I was screaming and thrashing around like a mad woman. I knew I came again but, the sensations were so intense, one orgasm melded with the next. He was great! Then he moaned and pulled out and began stroking his cock. His first blast of cum splashed on my belly but, the second and third shot onto my tits and neck. He kept stroking and shot more onto my belly and then the last onto my swollen clit and rubbed it with his cock head. He stood there panting and looking at me. I moaned and looked at myself covered in cum and frosting.

“Damn it Cliff. . . .look what you did.” I said, “You made a mess!” we both laughed and I knew he would never forget this birthday.

Erotic story: Dirty Pool Fun!

We sat in the blow up wading pool in your back yard. The night sky looking down on us as we lazily sipped our champagne from plastic cups and enjoyed the feel of our nude bodies touching. The fence closed out the world and everything receded back until we were alone laying nude under the stars. The world was just a possible voyeur watching our display and adding that thought to our excitement.


You gently let your fingers nails tickle the hair on my balls, barely touching so that the air seemed to be caressing me. You leaned across my chest and closed your eyes as I gently played with your hair, stroking it lovingly, enjoying the feel of it’s dark silken strands on my fingers. I lifted my cup to sip again and you looked up at me and smiled. As it touched my lips you pushed my hand and the champagne poured out too fast and spilled over my chest and onto you.

We laughed silently, not wanting to alert curious eyes. . . .at least not yet. I leaned over and licked the champagne from your shoulders and neck, sucking it from your skin with a quiet slurp but, to us the slurp was like thunder. We smile and I kiss you, a soft kiss. Not tentative but, soft so that we could enjoy the feel of each others lips. We open our eyes again and look at each other and I hug you to me, pressing our bodies so close we almost believe they can be one.

I let you go and lean over to pick up the bottle to pour myself another glass. You moan slightly and hold up your glass for me to fill. Instead I hold the bottle up to your lips and you open then for me. I tilt the bottle, a little too much, and the frothy champagne pours into your mouth and down your chin. You let out a tiny squeal as the cold froth strikes your breasts and belly, splashing across your bare skin. The sparkling wine seems to capture the night in itself and sparkles on your flesh, I lean down and begin to lick it off again.

You moan heavily, not so much for the pleasure of my tongue, but more for the thought of the act. The thought of me sucking the champagne from your skin entices you and arouses you.

You take the bottle from me, freeing my hands so that I can rub the wetness across you breasts as I lick it off. I indulge in a gluttonous feast of you and lick every inch of your chest. You keep me going by pouring more sparkling wine over yourself every time I get close to being done. I lick across your belly and down to the top of your pubic hair as you slowly work your way down your body, leading me to where you most want my tongue. But we take our time, tonight, there is no time, there is nothing but the moment, the night and us. I watch as the first splash of champagne pours over your shaved lips, they glisten as the sparkling wine foams and drips down between the slightly parted lips. I watch it as the champagne slowly looses the foam and then I gently lick the sweet liquid from your outer lips. You push on my head to get me to enter you with my tongue, but I resist. I don’t want to yet. I love to watch you squirm wanting to be tongue fucked and needing to cum on my face. The way you lift your hips to me, the feel of your hand wrapped into my long hair. The smell of your arousal mixing with the sweetness of the sparkling wine.

Finally I give you what you want. My tongue parts you and slides down your dripping wet slit. I suck and lick your juices mixed with the champagne and let it drool down my face. your hand closes around my cock and you begin to pull it gently, squeezing it and enjoying the feel of it in your hand. I push my face hard against you and my chin parts your lips, my tongue deep into you, licking your inner folds and then snaking into you to tickle you from the inside. I shake my head back and forth and my chin presses against your clit, my goatee scratching/tickling you. You lift your hips and grind them into my face and start to shake. I drink you in as you cum, letting your juices fill my mouth and nose so that all I know is your sex. You shake your head back and forth wanting to scream out but, you can’t. You can’t be as loud as you want and it drives you mad. So instead you grind your pussy on my face hard and concentrate on getting off. Rubbing on my face and grabbing my hair, you are using me to cum. Then a great shaking goes through you and you entire body starts to shake hard. You press my face into your pussy with all your might and bite your lip to keep from screaming as a wave of pure pleasure sweeps through you and you cum hard for me and on me.

Your body stops shaking for after a short time and you relax your hold on my hair. I sit back up and kiss you, harder this time, our tongues tasting each others as we embrace. You smile as you taste yourself and the sparkling wine on me. We kiss again and then sit back for a moment to catch our breath and look again at the stars in the night sky.

I take the bottle and casually begin to peel the foil from the neck. You watch for a moment and then get bored so find other ways of amusing yourself. Your hand once again curls around my hard cock and you squeeze it firmly in your loving grasp. The last of the foil peels away and you take the bottle from me and take a deep drink from it and hold the cold liquid in your mouth, the foam pushing out between your full sensuous lips.

You bend down and slide my cock into your mouth, the cold champagne spilling out all over me and dripping down my balls. My body tenses as the cold strikes but then relaxes as your mouth heats my cock back to a boil as it slides into your mouth. You pull back your hair from my side of your face so I can see the cock sliding into your mouth, almost disappearing between your lips. My little private porn show, you begin to suck and lick my cock with gusto. In the silent night I can hear the sounds of the show, wet slurping and sucking sounds. I grab the bottle of champagne and shake it. A spray of foam erupts and covers us both.

I pour it on my belly and over the side of your face. We are covered in it, wet and sticky and covered. You grab my balls and squeeze them as my cock throbs in your mouth. Using the wine as lube, you begin to stroke the very base of my cock as you concentrate on the upper shaft. It was too much. Like the bottle of wine, suddenly I am erupting. My cum shooting into your mouth and filling it so full it squishes out of your lips and onto me. You pull off my cock and stroke me hard and fast and rub the head. My cum geysers into the air and splatters on both of us. The cum and wine mix and cover us both as the last of my cum shoots out.:-D


I lay back and you lay on me. The sticky wet slippery mess squishing between us. We look up at the night sky and wonder if anyone saw, if anyone heard. We wonder if we got caught and the thought being seen begins the whole thing all over again. . .

Steaming hot sex on the subway ride

The air was crisp and cold as she walked into the night. She felt it more then others who also were out on the streets because of the lack of substantial clothing under her long coat. The feel of the cold air rushing up and caressing her bare pussy lips as they jutted out of the crotch less panties made her wet and her own warmth was far more intense then any a bright sunny day could offer her.

She walked down the street and smiled at the people she passed, an old man who leered at her, a sweet grand-motherly old woman who said hello. She smiled at all of them and held in the giggle as her stiff nipples rubbed against the inner lining of her coat. Her heavy breasts swaying freely inside the cover of her outer garment.

She reached into her pocket and found the remote control there and smiled. As she walked down the stairs to the subway, she refrained from starting yet. She always was so tempted to start to soon and that just ruined it all in the end. Timing was everything.

The train arrived, more or less on time, a little late but, that was OK. The few extra minutes teased her more and heightened her desire. She stepped through the doors as they swished open and people hurried in. The train was not that crowded now, it being well past rush hour, but there were still quite a few people on board. She pressed herself well into the car so that she was surrounded by others and then let her hand slip back into her pocket again.

She felt the cord from the remote running through the small hole in her pocket. She smiled at the man next to her and he gave her a hungry stare which she ignored. With a slight twist she started as the train doors swished closed. The sound of doors masked the muffled buzz as the bullet deep in her pussy at the other end of the remote whirred to life. She bit her lip to avoid a sudden moan as the bullet sent waves of pure pleasure through her body and she felt her juices begin to flow almost like water. The man next to her was staring at her breasts through her coat, only seeing the vaguest hints of the wonders beneath but, that was enough to hold his attention.

Casually she began to chat with another man about the weather, trying to keep her voice an even pitch as she cranked the bullet up another notch. He didn’t notice any change and continued to talk away about the cold. She smiled to herself knowing how shocked he would be if he knew what she was doing.

Very subtly she loosened her coat sash a bit and allowed the top to open slightly, the man next to her was now able to see the top swell of her bare breasts. He was obviously enjoying the show as he tried to nonchalantly move to a better viewing position. She smiled at his efforts, it was good to be wanted.

Turning the bullet up a bit more she felt her whole body seem to glow with her arousal. She could feel the juices dripping from her pussy as she stood there talking with this man. the buzzing lost in the motion of the train and the sound of the crowd. No one suspected anything.

She felt a hand on her ass, a casual brush against her that was a hidden grope. She allowed it and then when the hand brushed against her again, she pressed back onto it slightly. The hand was confused as she almost imperceptibly ground her ass against it. What ever man had tried for a quick feel was suddenly quite unsure, he obviously hadn’t expected her to respond in this way. The hand faltered and then the fingers squeezed her as he grew bolder. It was OK. She wanted it. He began to grab her ass quietly and feel her through the heavy coat.

She allowed the sash to loosen more and the man watching her could now see a good portion of her breasts. Their heavy form almost revealed but hidden enough to drive him mad trying to see the rest. He was licking his lips as he gazed at her and a hungry look in his eyes told her he was really enjoying the show.

She gently cranked the bullet full force and it vibrated deep in her pussy with such force she could barely stand, let alone talk any more. The man chatting took it as a sign that the conversation wasn’t interesting to her any more and tried to change subjects. She smiled at him and nodded as he droned on about something that she didn’t even hear. Her pussy ached as she neared her orgasm, her juices dripped down and wet her stockings. She concentrated on keeping her breathing relaxed and not moaning as he talked.

The man behind her grew bolder and his fingers played with her ass through her coat, spreading her cheeks and squeezing her. As she pushed back against his hand, the man found the slit in the back of her coat and tentatively brushed his fingers against her bare ass under her coat. She pushed back harder and he reached in and began to play with her ass, his finger sliding into her tight ass hole and beginning to finger her. He didn’t even try and play with her pussy, he was definitely an ass man all the way. she knew he was most likely jacking off too under his jacket and she loved that. A little hidden orgy on the train.

She let her sash go nearly undone. It was actually too much, the man chatting with her saw she was nude or nearly so under her coat and the gazer saw her breasts in near full glory. They knew she was naked under there, they knew she was getting off. She couldn’t hide it anymore. She bit her lip as the bullet sent continuous waves of pleasure through her and her body tensed in an orgasm.

She finally gave up hiding it as they pulled into the next stop and moaned out loud. the entire car turned and looked at her as she began to shake and pant as her orgasm rocketed through her. Her juices dripped down her legs and she felt wet to the knees. She let out one more great moan and the man behind her slid his finger out of her ass. The car groaned to a halt and the passengers all stared at her.

Quickly grabbing her coat she flashed her breasts once more to the gazer and then pulled it closed. They tried to push in close to her but she slipped away as the door swished open. stepping out onto the platform she reached into her pocket and clicked the bullet off. Several men followed out the car but, soon turned back as she was greeted by her husband, a huge man standing waiting for her.

She stepped up and kissed his passionately and he slid an arm around her waist. They walked up the platform stairs together, never giving a backwards glance to the men watching her leave. He asked her why she was shaking, she told him that she was cold. He nodded in understanding.

“You know we could afford another car and parking fees. It would be safer.” He said to her in concern.

“No honey, don’t be silly, I am just fine taking the train.” she said and smiled at him. He shrugged and gave her a kiss and they walked off together towards home. He never could understand just why she liked taking the subway all these years.

Swing Lessons

“Well, that should do it,” the handyman said to Julie as he pulled and tested the anchor bolt. “This is hooked into a support beam and reinforced with a 4 by 4 of treated lumber. Basically, this should support anything you wanna hang from it.”

“Good, I want it that strong. Who knows who is going to sit in this chair if we throw a party and we wouldn’t want the hook pulling out or bending,” she said motioning to the rattan basket chair laying on the floor. “Well this hook is tempered steal. It can hold up to 750 lb. so, I don’t think anyone that big could get into the chair.” They both laughed. “So you should be safe with it,” he said as he began winding the cord to his drill up and getting ready to leave.

“Well thank you very much. I was hoping to get that chair up for the weekend. I hate having new things and not being able to use them right away,” she said as she fished in her pocket for the check she had already written out for him. Finding it, she held it out to him. “I added a couple of extra bucks for your fast response time. I know you are busy so. . .”

“You didn’t have to do that. . .but thank you.” He looked at the check and his grin deepened. “Thank you very much. Anytime you need any work, you just let me know,” he said as he walked to the door. Julie smiled and assured him she would, but her mind was elsewhere already. As he pulled away she picked up the rattan basket chair and carried it back to the garage where it belonged. She almost skipped back in she was so excited. She opened the closet and took out her newest toy and opened the box. The instructions were easy to follow and in no time she figured out how it worked and set it up. Now she just had to wait until her husband got home.

Jim walked in the door, tired from a long day of work. His brain ached from dealing with clients and he was not in a very good mood. He called out to Julie and she answered him from the back den, so he walked back there to see what she was doing. He loosened his tie as he walked in the room and then stopped dead. Julie was suspended in a harness from the ceiling. It was some sort of strapping swing that held the legs and shoulders up with a strap that ran under her back. She was completely nude and her pussy was shaved bare. The lips were slightly red and swollen so he knew instantly she had been masturbating and the smile told him she had cum, at least once. She giggled at the look on his face and he knew she had cum several times, she always giggled after multiple orgasms. The juices were still glistening on her lips as she lay back and let herself spin around. There on the floor next to her were two lengths of rope and the dildo she had obviously been fucking herself with, a long double ended purple one that was good and thick. Jim walked closer and looked more carefully. Sure enough, her ass hole was wet too, she had been double fucking herself. Jim’s cock was straining against his slacks and he totally forgot about his throbbing headache and could only think of his throbbing head.


He stripped fast, tossing his clothes in a pile in the corner. Julie watched him shed his clothing and began to play with her clit, slowly rubbing it with her for fingers and spreading her sloppy wet lips. Her pussy was well stretched out for him and her ass, normally vice tight, was lubed, reamed, and ready for action. She wanted him to have his choice of holes to fuck. The swing chair allowed easy access to them all at once. She spread her lips wide and shoved two fingers deep into her pussy and pulled them out again. She stuck them in her mouth and sucked her own cum off of them making plenty of loud smacking noises for Jim to enjoy. Jim threw off his underwear, the last of his clothing, and his cock hung and stretched to full length. He was a good 8 inches normally, just enough so that his cock hung down with a tilt from its own weight. He looked at the things laying near her and wasted no time in putting them to use. He walked over and grabbed the lengths of rope first and tossed one over his shoulder. He grabbed Julie’s right hand and pulled it up to the supporting chains and began to wind and tie it in place. Then he grabbed her other hand and tied that above her as well. The grin on Julie’s face told him this was what she had intended. She leaned back as he began to rotate her around and look at her from all angles. His cock brushed against her face as she swung by it and she playfully licked at it. Jim smiled and swung her back for a second lick. He picked up the dildo and bent it in two in his hands.


Julie rolled her eyes and laughed, she knew what he was going o do and she was ready for him. Swinging her back around so that her pussy faced him, Jim dribbled spit on the heads of the rubber cock and smeared it around. Once they were slippery enough, he reached down and spread Julie’s pussy and felt it to make sure it was wet enough too. Then he slid a finger into her ass and felt the slick lubricant there as well. Satisfied she was ready, he pulled his finger out and then pressed the heads against her holes. Julie screamed out as the two heads slid into her at once, feeling like she was going to be split in two. But then her ass and pussy sucked them in and the shafts began sliding in and the scream turned to a low guttural moan. Jim slid them perhaps two inches each into her and then stopped. Julie moaned but he would not slide them in deeper.

Grabbing the bent rubber dildo, Jim took a firm hold and then used it like a handle and spun Julie around. The feeling of the dildo stretching her as he pushed her with it was intense and Julie moaned out loudly. Jim grabbed it as she spun around and stopped her. In so doing, he slid the dildos another half inch deeper into her. Julie thrashed her head around. The force of the dildos pressing against her pussy and ass walls was so intense she felt her juices squishing out and dripping off her hanging ass. Jim turned her again, using the dildos as a handle. He spun her until her face was directly in front of his cock. He leaned over her and still used the dildos to begin to pull her onto his cock. The rubber cock buried itself another inch into each hole and she swung up until his head pressed on her waiting lips. With another push, his cock slid into her moth at the same time the rubber cock slipped deeper into her ass and pussy.

He pulled her back and then let her swing forward again and began to fuck her face. Julie began to suck him with lots of sloppy wet noises. Jim was loving it and began to slide her onto his cock faster, causing the dildo to double fuck her faster too. He was sliding in and out of her mouth fast now, his balls slapping her forehead with each swing. Julie loved the taste of his pre cum, specially when she had a dildo fucking her pussy at the same time. With one in each hole, she couldn’t last long. She hoped he would cum soon. Jim wasn’t far from cumming. The feel of his cock sliding all the way into her was too much. He moaned loud and began to shoot gobs of cum into her mouth. The swing kept her in motion as Jim froze, unable to continue to rock her back and forth, the intensity of his orgasm making his muscles clench.

His cum shot down her throat and then onto her face. She was getting covered in his cum and the sensation sent Julie over the edge. She started to cum again and felt her juices squishing around the dildo and oozing out of her pussy. She slurped and swallowed his cum as best she could, but it covered her face and hair. He just kept shooting cum until his balls were empty and she kept sucking and drinking him down. Finally they both recovered from their orgasms and they looked at one another. Jim raised an eyebrow as he touched the straps of the swing.

“You know honey. I really like this. I really do,” he said smiling at her. “But I gotta tell you. . .when I said I wanted to take swing lessons. . . .this is not quite what I had in mind.”

Erotic story: New sex toy

My girlfriend and I walked around the porno store and looked at all the goodies there. We were looking for something different to play with that night. We enjoy finding new toys, but more and more it is harder to find something new. We had dildos, vibrators, beads, lubes, lotions, jellies, bullets, whips, flogs, cuffs, blindfolds, and even this weird assed thing that looked like a dragon fly that still amazed me and left me confused as to how to use it properly.

I was looking at the story magazines and trying to find new ideas in them while paging through em. I was all for asking the guy working there, he was nice enough and he would know of anything different, but Angie made me promise not to. I guess I can see her point, but I have nothing to hide about our sex life. We just like new things to play with and there is nothing wrong with that in my book.

Angie walked up behind me. I could hear her heels on the tile floor so I turned and she was holding something behind her and smiling. I tried to look around her and see what she had, but she turned so it remained hidden. I smiled back and waited for her to tell me what she had behind her back. She was silent for a few moments and was biting her lip. I knew she was excited about something but nervous too.

“What cha got?” I asked her.

“I found what I want to play with tonight,” she said and giggled. Then she showed me what she had. It was a swingers magazine and she had it open to a page with a picture of a pretty black girl. I glanced at it and saw it was an ad for an escort service. I smiled back at her.

“You sure this is what you want?” I asked her. I was getting excited at the idea of calling and ordering this girl too.

“Is it OK?” she asked and I laughed and nodded. We were both so excited we almost forgot to pay for the magazine before we took it. I threw down the money for it and we left the store, excited about our new toy.

Angie was so excited she began masturbating on the way home, taking her finger from her pussy periodically and letting me lick her juices off of them. She had such a sweet pussy that got even sweeter the more aroused she got. She tasted like pure honey now and I knew she was horny as hell. She came just before we got home for the second time and didn’t bother putting her panties back on as we walked into the house.

I went to the phone right away and pulled out my credit card and began to dial the number. Angie went into the bedroom, shedding clothes on the way. She wanted to shower and dress sexy before the girl arrived. I talked to a woman with a deep throaty voice and told her we wanted to hire an escort for the night, preferably the girl in the ad or her twin sister. The woman laughed and said she would see what she could do about that, but a girl would definitely be there within an hour. She took my credit card info and we hung up. A few seconds later the phone rang and she confirmed our number and address.

Angie emerged from the bedroom about a half hour later all dressed up in a black lace teddy. Her long blonde hair and fair skin almost brilliant against the black fabric. Her heavy breasts were barely contained by the low bust line and the crotch was tied with little bows and easy to access. I wanted to jump her right then and there, but we had to wait for the new toy to arrive.

There was a knock at the door about 10 minutes later and I answered it. This huge guy was there and I was immediately worried that we made a mistake, but he told me he was there to check the place out and make sure we weren’t psychos. I grudgingly let him in and he looked around. He saw my girlfriend all dolled up and smiled and nodded his head. He patted me on the back with one of his huge hands and walked back out the door and whistled to the waiting car. A girl emerged from the car and came up past him and he whispered something in her ear and she laughed. She came in the door and we were amazed. It was the girl in the ad! They actually sent that beautiful black girl to us. I was expecting another girl, thinking that one must have been a model, but here she was.

We took care of business first with the guy looking on. She took my credit card and swiped it through a mobile card machine and processed it. She asked me how long I would like to hire her for and I shrugged and said all night. She punched in some numbers and the machine whirred and sputtered and finally approved me. She gave the card back to me and the machine to the guy and he left us alone with her.

“My name is Tasha,” she said introducing herself to us and holding out her hand.

I took her hand and shook it. “I’m Todd and this is Angie,” I said as Angie walked up and shook her hand too.

“Well. I guess you two aren’t looking for a night on the town huh?” she said with a grin as she looked at Angie. She winked at Angie and Angie blushed in return.

“Would you like something to drink?” I offered.

“No thank you,” she said politely. “I’d rather fuck.” The bluntness caught us both off guard and we stood there gaping mouthed as she laughed. I guess she figured we were new to this and she gently ran her hands over Angie’s arms.

“Isn’t that what you wanted?” she asked her. Angie nodded back to her and Tasha leaned forward and kissed her. So much for introductions.

We talked for a while, got to know each other a little better. Tasha asked questions about what we were looking for and found that we hadn’t thought that far ahead. We just wanted to play with her, that was all we were sure of. So Tasha took the lead and stripped off her dress and she was wearing a lacy white teddy underneath. The contrast of Angie’s pale skin and the black teddy and Tasha’s rich dark skin in white was amazing. I sat back and watched for a while

They began kissing each other passionately, their tongues dicing deep into each other’s mouths. My cock was rock hard just watching that, so I stripped my clothes off and began to slowly stroke my hard cock as they began touching and feeling each other through the lacy teddies. It was an incredibly sexy sight, the two bodies starting to intertwine as they kissed, the hands all over each other.



Tasha undid the tiny bows on Angie’s teddy and revealed her pussy, the lips totally shaved and the hair trimmed nicely. She began to slide her fingers into her and frig her slowly as they kissed. Tasha pulled on the lace of Angie’s teddy and pulled it down so that her breasts popped out. Angie did the same and Tasha’s huge breasts popped free, the dark brown nipples rock hard. They began sucking on each others nipples as Tasha began to finger fuck her harder. I was going crazy, I wanted to join in.

Tasha slid herself down until her face was buried in Angie’s pussy and began licking her. She was on her knees in front of the couch and her ass was sticking up so nice, I had to touch. I knelt down behind her and pulled her teddy to the side and revealed her shaved pussy, the dark lips and the bright pink inner folds. She was so wet I could actually see the juices flowing down her legs. I bent over and slid my tongue into her slit and she moaned loudly in approval.

She tasted good, not as sweet as Angie, but with a stronger muskier flavor that was great. I began to lick her and rub her clit as she ate Angie out. Then I straightened up and slid my hard cock into her. She moaned and pushed her ass back onto my cock and began to flex her muscles inside her pussy. It felt like a hand stroking me inside her. I began to slide in and out of her and she moaned and pressed her face harder into Angie’s pussy in response.

I was fucking her hard and fast, the force of my thrusts driving her face deep into Angie each time. Her pussy felt so good and the muscles were so tight when she clenched them, I was worried I would cum too fast.

“Cum in her pussy baby,” Angie said, seeing me getting closer. I smiled at her and she licked her lips and rolled her eyes back in her head. I knew she was getting close. So I began to fuck Tasha as hard and fast as I could. She was moaning loud and the vibrations of her moans went right through Angie as she licked her pussy. Angie began to scream and grabbed Tasha’s hair and ground her pussy hard against her face as she started to cum. The sight of my girlfriend cumming set me off and I began to pump loads of cum into Tasha’s tight pussy.

We both came hard. I pumped so much cum into Tasha that every thrust made it squish out of her pussy as I thrust again and again and milked out every drop. I got done and slid my cock out and Angie grabbed Tasha’s shoulders and turned her over. She slid down between Tasha’s legs and began to suck my cum out of her, licking and swallowing Tasha’s juices and my cum mixed. Tasha now began to scream as Angie’s tongue seemed to be licking every inch of her pussy at once.

She started to cum and Angie kept eating her all the way through her orgasm. We all collapsed into a pile after and lay there caressing each other.

We still had a long night to go with Tasha and many more things to try but Angie’s mind was already thinking of the next time. “Baby,” she said to me. I grunted a reply and looked at her. “Baby, I know what toy I want next,” she said and smiled, her cum covered face lighting up.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“That guy who brought Tasha here. . .did you see how big his hands were?” :-P

I laughed and hoped they didn’t charge by the foot or we were going to go broke.

Sexy story: Musical Appreciation

“Play for me” That was what he said and all he said. It was all he ever said. He sat in the dark just out of sight and watched her and always the same, “Play for me.”

She bowed her head slightly in answer, nodding slowly and respectfully to the shadows which held him. She placed her cello case on the floor and began to strip off her clothing.

She dressed conservatively, a light brown sweater, long wool skirt, tan leggings, even a scarf tonight to hold off the chill of the autumn air. Her hair up in a conservative bun and her glasses, chosen to be ugly and keep people from noticing her. Most of the time she hated being watched, she had been stared at too much in her life.

But for him, she wanted to be beautiful. She let her hair down, took off her glasses, she stripped off all her clothing and stood nude for him to see and she could feel his smile from the shadows. For him she was beautiful, but only for him because he saw more, he saw her and not her looks.

She opened the case and took out the instrument, it’s deep polished wood so rich almost like chocolate that shimmered. It’s form, never changing was like a perfect fertility figure, the curves of it were the same as her body, it was like she played herself for him.

Deep in the case she took out the bow and placed that on her chair and returned to the case. In a small side pocket she pulled out a small vibrating egg and a remote control. Turning her back on his she bent slightly and placed the egg against her wet pussy lips and pushed. Her pussy resisted at first and then sucked it in all at once, only the remote wires still out of her.

She straightened up and turned back to him waiting. She heard his zipper lower and she smiled. Taking the remote she turned the egg in her on at a low speed. Deep low frequency vibrations slid through her like waves on a pond.

She took a deep breath and turned it up faster. . .the vibrations higher frequency now. . .just the right frequency for her. It almost tickled it felt so good in her. She giggled and then caught herself and returned to her quiet demeanor.



Taking the bow in hand she sat down on her straight back chair and cuddled the cello between her legs. She ran her finger tips on the curves and shuddered, imagining they were her own body she played with before him.

Taking another deep centering breath she let herself feel all the sensations within her, the arousal, the vibrations, the fear, the excitement. All those things surged into her mind until she allowed them to filter and fall into place.

Drawing the bow across the strings she let out a deep moan through the instrument. A primal sound of arousal and need. Powerful and urgent it hung in the air almost palatable to the tongue.

As she allowed the bow to cross the strings again the notes moaned out of her and she began to feel the arousal build. The song was free form, totally unrehearsed, it was her sex.

The song flowed and ebbed from her as the egg worked it’s magic inside her pussy. As she peeked and dropped in her stimulation the song peeked and dropped. As she grew nearer a climax it became more frantic. The notes were discordant and yet beautiful as the first orgasm went through her. She scratched the strings and they cried out for her. Her hand guiding the bow quivered and the notes came forth quivering and unsure.

Now the song was hunger . . . need. . .want. She wanted to cum harder and harder. She needed more. The strings strained and groaned as she ground them for more stimulation. Need, just plain need and want. It was not pretty . . . it was not beauty…it was real. . .it was passion. The song was hard and wet in the air. . .begging for release.

Faster and faster she played until her hair flew around as she rocked back and forth in her frenzy. Wild and abandoned to passion she lost herself to this song of sex. She stroked the strings and tweaked them, pulled on them and rubbed them. Over and over when she found just the right note. Sweat trickled down her body as she worked the song towards a great climax.

Faster and faster, harder and harder. She bit her lip till it bled. . .the blood feeding some dark hunger in her. Her breath came in short ragged notes. Fast breaths that built the orgasm bigger and bigger.

She held back in the song. . .held back and let it all build in her. She wanted to hold back until it exploded from her cello. She wanted it hard and nasty. She wanted this song to leave a puddle on the floor for him. She groaned out urgent notes as she felt her ability to hold back slipping away.

She screamed out a series of sharp high pitch strokes and then the music was wild again. Notes and rhythms clashed and fought and screamed and moaned from her cello. Her orgasm was too intense. . .she would lose the song. . .to much. . .too much. . .

She managed to maintain the song somehow. A series of low moans from her as the cello shook with several aftershocks. Her body quivered and shook and she felt tears rolling down her cheeks. So intense. . .she couldn’t remember why she was playing. . .where she was. . .why was it so dark?

Then it all came back with a deep breath and a little composure. She played the relaxed quivering that danced through her. Then she drew the bow once more and moaned a deep sensual note for him. She was done.

Reaching down she turned off the egg within herself and sat silent. She heard him zipping up his pants and rising. He cleared his throat once and then his footfalls on the hardwood floor receding into the shadows of the room. A door opened and closed and she was alone. placing the bow into the case and then her cello. Standing she squatted and pulled the egg out of her still sensitive pussy.

Wiping it clean with a cloth she placed it and the remote back into the case and then closed the lid. Totally nude she leaned the case against her chair and bent over and began to gather her clothing.

Within minutes her beauty was hidden again and she was once more safe for the rest of the world. Wrapping the scarf around her neck she grabbed her case and turned to the front door and walked from the room. In the front hallway was a silver platter with a dozen roses on it. She smiled, she normally got a single rose, he had enjoyed tonight’s performance.

Naughty story: “Be my sexual victim”

His voice, so deep, and melodic like chocolate to her ears. She trembled. Yes, she would gladly be his victim, she always was. She nodded consent, the games begin.

His hands, rough on her clothing, grabbing handfuls and ripping, shredding it off her. She squealed at the sheer force of his desire for her. He ripped and tore away her dress like it was tissue paper, pausing to run his hungry hands over her bare flesh.

She responded, moaning softly at his touch, her skin feeling like it was burning up. She so longed for his touches, caresses. She loved the feeling of his. . .

Bites! Hard and vicious on her neck, a deep dark growl in his throat warning her to stay still. She was prey for him to feast upon, flesh for him to sate his dark hungers. Hands grabbing her bra, so frilly and lacey, and then torn and ripped from her. The elastic holding on valiantly until it too snapped under his strength.

She moaned and shivered as her breasts were freed. Hanging slightly only for an instant before his hands were on them, grabbing and squeezing them. His fingers digging into her flesh as he played with them, his thumb and forefinger pulling on the nipple until she responded with a gasp. He chuckled an evil laugh and bit her neck again, pushing her head down into a bowed position with his teeth. She submitted, he had her now and she was his willingly.

One hand snaked down her body, touching too hard to tickle and soft enough to make her shiver. His nibbles and kisses down her neck so comforting, the growl in his throat so dangerous. His fingers slid under her panties and began to play with her pussy. His action, so casual and yet so intense because it was nothing more then him taking what he owned. It was natural for him to violate her.

His fingers inside her, feeling her, exploring her. He bit her neck lovingly, a sign he was pleased how wet she was. She was wet always for him, his touch made her dripping wet all the time, ready for him to use at his leisure.

His fingers fucked her for another moment, just long enough for the juices within to begin to spill out and saturate her panties. Then he pulled them out and grabbed at the silk fabric and tore at it, the elastic waist band holding for a moment and then snapping like string in his hand. She moaned as a tiny climax went through her, the panties pulled away, she was nude and bare before him. She was completely at his mercy.

His bites became so intense upon her neck her knees buckled in the pain/pleasure of it. His growl became feral and hungry. His weight shifted on her and she had to bend to it and drop down to the floor, he was covering her, pinning her in place, his teeth never leaving her throat. The growl never stopping, just quieting as he got his way.

His hands grabbed hers and pulled them behind her, he lifted up off her long enough to use the shreds of her panties to bind her hands back. The silk pulled tight around her wrists, she could feel the wetness of her arousal binding her to his will.

“Mineeeeeee.” He growled and she nodded breathlessly, she knew it as did he. She was his.

His hand grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed her head down to the ground, his other hand grabbing her hips and pulling them up until she had her ass and pussy presented for him to take. He kept a hold of her hair, holding her in place as he undid his fly. The sound of the zipper seemed to thrill through her whole soul.

As the head of his cock pressed against her wet pouting lips she moaned and welcomed him in. His whole cock sliding into her in one long thrust until his balls pressed against her ass cheeks. He filled her and she began to weep at the feeling, so full, so complete.

He slow fucked her, taking his time and enjoying each inch sliding in and out of her pussy, allowing her tears to flow onto the floor as she released all the sadness within herself, all the waiting for him, all the time she wished he was right there, in her.

As the tears abated and she began to push back onto his cock he began to fuck her faster and harder, thrusting deep into her each time, she could feel her cum squishing out and dripping down her legs. All for him, all that wetness all for him. He slammed into her again and she cried out.

As their fucking rose to a fevered pitch she began to scream to him, begging him to be allowed to cum, to flood him with her cum. She wanted to so badly and he laughed a wicked laugh and slapped her ass each time she asked. each time harder and harder, no matter how much she begged he did not answer her. He just kept fucking her harder and harder.

She was shaking like a leaf, she couldn’t control her body, she was just reacting to the cock slamming in and out of her. She was screaming “Please,” over and over to him and he was stretching her until she felt she would rip open. “Please. Please. Please.” And still he fucked her and spanked her and made no reply.

Then as she began to collapse, unable to control her legs enough to keep herself up he pulled back hard on her hair, drawing her up to all fours and his teeth again on her neck. She screamed at the top of her lungs, desperate and primal screams. She was being consumed by him, eaten alive in a fit of passion.

Then his voice, sweet release, his voice. “Cum for me baby girl…cum for me now!” He growled and slammed into her so hard she lost all breath, she couldn’t make a noise, she just began to shake. “I said cum!” He slammed into her again and again. She couldn’t breath, her entire body was nothing but fire.

Growling and pulling on her hair he exploded into her. She could feel his cum shooting into her pussy, filling her. Blast after blast of hot cum filled her until it was squishing out with each thrust. he kept cumming and cumming until she was stuffed and filled and dripping his sex. Then he let her collapse on the floor.

Finally she gulped in air desperately and screamed out and curled into a fetal ball. Her body kept burning and burning. His cum filled her pussy so full, she was so full of him. His body over her, his sweaty flesh against her. She cried. He held her.

She was in a dream, he was kissing her and touching her. His fingers were fire, they burned so deliciously. He stroked her and set her on fire too. She moaned and came again. She cried at the joy of it. She cried for his touch. He was there.

“Be my victim.” He whispered in her ear and she nodded so hard she though her head would snap off. Yes, she was his victim, always. She was his prey.

Erotic story: The horny Pool man

Tanya lay back on the pool raft and let herself spin in the water. The slight breeze blowing over her barely clad body and bringing a slight chill to her nipples as it cooled the wet bikini top. She smiled as she felt her nipples grow stiff and poke out through the fabric knowing this would get his attention. She watched him knowing that he couldn’t see her eyes through the mirrored sunglasses she wore. So she was free to stare at him and measure him up.

She loved to tease the pool men. It was fun. Since she first developed she found it amusing to “accidentally” prance around in a bikini while they were there. This one was different. Well actually they both were. Tanya was now well of legal age, turning 19 next week, and he. . . well he never watched her. She had never had that happen before. He never watched her at all and never went out of his way to try and get a peek at her. That annoyed and intrigued her. He was a good looking man, maybe 35-37 years old. His body was muscular and lithe. Not the work out kind of muscles, not puffed up, the kind of muscles that come from hard manual labor. He was so blue collar it was amazing.

Tanya dipped her hands into the water so she stopped spinning directly facing him. She was a knock out. Her c-cup breasts were perfect and firm. Her long legs and short blonde hair was the envy of many girls and her face was pretty in a cute way, sorta cuddly and a little chipmunk cheeked. She knew she was attractive, she could get most any boy at college. That was the operative word of course, “boy”. She didn’t want a boy. She wanted a man.

Finally, after she sat there staring at him for a good four or five minutes, he looked up. She nearly tipped over in the raft. His eyes were like blue crystal, so light and pale they almost seemed to shine with a metallic sheen. His face was rugged and tough looking, his beard the standard 5 o’clock shadow but, his eyes. . . they were something else. They were sad and yet sexy. . .innocent and yet they had seen sin, of that she was sure.


He smiled and went back to his work and Tanya felt her pussy getting wetter by the second. This was a man. This is what she wanted. She thought of how to get his attention and played with the idea of seducing him but, she didn’t think she could carry that off. Somehow she seemed too innocent to do that, to most men.

She had to try the more direct approach and time was running short. He was finishing up with the filter and would be leaving soon. He turned his back to her to get something from his toolbox and Tanya took the chance. She quickly undid her top and took it off and freed her gorgeous breasts. She straddled the raft and sat up and tossed the top over at him. Then she quickly laid down on her belly on the raft and waited.

He turned back around to the finish his work and saw the yellow bikini top laying on the cement next to his feet. He bent down and picked it up and looked up at the girl in the pool. Tanya smiled and waved to him and he shook his head.

“Mister Pool Man,” Tanya called in her best cute voice, “I dropped that. . . could you bring it to me?” Then she giggled and splashed water at him.

He looked up again and laughed, “Subtle. . . .very subtle.” He said with a smile. “but. . .. but .. . .but. . .I dropped it. . . .I didn’t mean too.” She said in her best innocent voice.

“Uh huh.” He said and shook his head again.

She sat up and let him get a good view of her tits. Smiling she kicked her feet and paddled over to the side of the pool by him. “Honestly. I don’t want to get sun damage on my nipples.” She said and smiled. “

Listen.. . .miss. . .you are very attractive but I don’t mess with under. . .”

“I’m almost 19.” She said cutting him off. “I’m legal.”

“Got an ID?” He said with a laugh and then looked her up and down. He was gauging her, how old she really was. “19 huh?”

“Yup.” She replied with a smile.

He looked her over one more time and then pulled his shirt off to reveal his muscular chest. He didn’t say anything, just kicked off his sneakers and jumped in the water next to her. The wave knocked her off her raft and he caught her in his powerful arms as she fell into the water next to him. There was no need for words.

They began to kiss and she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold herself up. His fingers grabbed at her ass and pulled at the fabric of her bikini bottom. She reached one hand down and helped him pull them off and then wrapped her legs around him. Her pussy was so ready she felt a tiny climax as she pressed her hot slit against his belly.

He pulled at his shorts and kicked them free into the water and his cock sprang to full size. A hard 8 inches bounced and bobbed in the water and Tanya reached down for it quickly and grabbed hold of it. It was thick and hot to the touch. The head was huge and she couldn’t wait to get it in her. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks and held her up so he could suck on those perfect nipples and Tanya guided his hard cock to her wet slit.

Even in the water she was so horny her pussy was slippery and she took him in all at once, in one even thrust. She bounced up and down on his cock splashing up and down faster and faster. This was no great romantic interlude, it was a hard fuck, what they both wanted. He was sucking on her nipples and nibbling on her tits, his hands grabbing her ass and lifting her and then slamming her back down onto his cock. The thickness stretched her to the point where it was almost painful to fuck him hard, which is just how she wanted it. Her pussy was tight but, she could take this cock and wanted it all.

He slammed her up and down again and again, the waves splashing over the edge of the pool. She threw her head back as she rode him and screamed out in pleasure. “Fuck me. Oh God baby fuck me!”

He needed no further urgings and began to thrust up into her with each fuck. His cock struck so deep in her she cried out each stroke but, wanted more. She could feel a shaking building in her and rode him faster. She wanted to cum so bad. Needed to cum so bad.

He bit down on her nipple and she screamed in pain and his finger snaked into her tight asshole as he thrust up into her one last hard time and she screamed again but, this time in pure pleasure. Her body shook and jerked as an orgasm rocked through her.

She grabbed him and held herself to him tightly as she began to shake uncontrollably. Next thing she was aware of is that she was trembling in his arms, his hard cock still in her. She kissed him and he pulled her up and off his cock. Setting her down in front of him, they continued to kiss as he began to stroke his hard cock. Tanya broke the embrace and too a deep breath.

Plunging down under the water she grabbed his cock from his hand and shoved it into her mouth, the bubbles rising up as she began to suck him and stroke him hard. He was in heaven as he hot little mouth sucked his hard cock. She came to the surface and gulped more air and then went down again, never stopping her fast strokes. The feel of her mouth under water was too much for him. He groaned once and thrust into her mouth and shot a wad of cum. She sucked and swallowed all she could and then a second and third blast gushed out and she could only just rub the head on her face there was so much cum.

She came to the surface and gulped in air and smiled up at him. He was sweating and shaking slightly but, he lifted her and kissed her deeply. The kissed and touched for a few more minutes and then he told her he needed to get back to work. He had other pools he needed to clean today. Tanya kissed him again and returned to her raft naked and laid out again.

He finished his cleaning and pulled his wet shorts and shirt back on and picked up his tools. “Now remember, everything is working fine now. Unless something happens like dirt being dumped into the filter it will be fine. . . if it does happen I’ll have to make another trip out here tomorrow.” He said with a big smile. Tanya laughed and paddled over to kiss him goodbye. As he left she wondered exactly where she would find enough dirt to dump in the filter?

Sex Story: The training Of a Dirty kitty

“Meow baby”:-D

She looked up at him and squinted her eyes and snuggled further down into his lap. The brush tickled as he finished decorating her side with her new stripes, deep inside she purred at the attention. He carefully avoided getting any of the henna on her waist cincher or garters. He had done the tiger stripes on her legs much earlier and they had long since dried and the color deepened.

By tomorrow her body would be covered with dark stripes and her transformation would be complete. Tonight they would be lighter in color but still sexy looking. She would be his little kitty finally. Her leather mask fit snugly to her face and the dark eye shadow under it around her eyes made it look like she was partly made of leather, it flowed so seamlessly with her flesh. The two pointy ears on the mask were striped as well . . . to match her body now.

He finished and put the henna tube into the bowl beside him and reached down and stroked her hair. She squinted at him again and enjoyed the affectionate caresses. They had to wait a little while now for the henna to dry and finish staining her skin. She was excited to see how it looked, she felt so sexy already . . . she wanted to see it so badly.

His hand wandered down her back, the stripes on her spine nearly dry, his fingers tested each one with a gentle touch. She felt his cock hard under her as she curled up on his lap, she liked knowing she made him this hard. She let her mind wander and imagine lapping his cock, slowly but surely coaxing it to give her cream, like every good kitty loves.

As his hand began playing with her ass she opened her eyes back up. He was teasing the crack up to the small of the back where there was no henna markings. She wiggled a little because it tickled so badly but, she also liked it. It sent shivers up her spine and made her want to get on all fours and stretch out to be pet all over.

She spread her legs a little to invite him to keep up the tickling further down, hoping his fingers would wander. He laughed and stopped all together. She glanced up at him with a pouty look and crawled down from his lap. She went on all fours across the floor to her bowl and began to lap at the cool cream, making sure to let a little dribble down her chin so when she looked at him it gave the desired impression. He smiled and adjusted his cock in his pants and she knew it had worked.

Turning she wiggled her ass at him playfully as she pranced away. He stomped his foot and patted his lap for her to return. She acted like she hadn’t heard him until he cleared his throat. She turned and looked back with her best “surprised kitty” look and he smiled and made a gesture with his finger calling her to him. She glanced away and then back and his face became much less playful as he beckoned her to him. She smiled and pranced back to him.

He pet her head when she returned and examined the henna stripes. They were dry enough so he began to brush the henna away and wash her off. He was very careful in the cleaning of her, making sure to not stain the black satin of the cincher and ruin the outfit. He loved the way the satin glistened in the rooms ambient light.

After cleaning her arms and body he let his hands play down her legs, across the smooth silk of her stockings and then hooked his finger tips into the elastic tops and gave them a little snap. She started at the snap, not expecting it and gave him a reproachful glance which made him smile.

“You’ve been a very good kitty baby.” He said stroking her hair. She squinted at him and purred. “So I got you a special treat . . . would you like to see?” She nodded vigorously. She loved new toys. He smiled and motioned her to stay and got up to go get the surprise.

As soon as he was gone, she climbed into his chair and snuggled down. As he returned and motioned her down to the floor again and she climbed back down with a pouty look. But the pout didn’t last long as she saw the big box he carried. She had no idea what it could be but it was good sized whatever it was and there was a second box on top of it to boot, smaller . . . maybe jewelry? No. . .too big for that. But two boxes were always better then one.

She pranced over to him and rubbed on his legs as he tried to walk. He laughed and stepped over her and returned to his chair. Sitting down he placed both boxes on the floor in front of him and she came over and gave them a sniff. He stroked her hair and then took the smaller package and placed it to the side and pushed the big box to her.

She grinned and opened the brightly colored box and then glanced at him questioningly. He smiled and pulled the contents out. It was a large chrome scratching post with a wide flat base that had padding on it. On one side of the scratching post was a chrome vibrator strapped to it with a remote the he picked up. He turned it on and she jumped back and hissed at the strange noise but soon got used to it and sniffed at it and then looked back at him.

“It’s your scratching post baby.” He said smiling an evil smile. “So you don’t go around and ruin the furniture. . .heres something for you to use instead.”

She smiled back and then turned and started to walk away. They say you cannot train cats to do what they don’t want to do and she decided she wasn’t going to use the post. It is after all a cat’s prerogative to not play with a toy she decided. he laughed and she turned back to him, that was not the response she had expected.

“I didn’t figure you’d use it right away, which is what the other surprise was for.” Opening the other box he took out a sparkly collar for her and a short chain leash. “To train you to use it like a good kitty.”


Now she was torn, she wanted the collar but not the leash. It was a very pretty collar and it would look so nice on her. Finally she decided the collar was worth it and pranced back over to him. He placed the collar on her neck and pulled it just snug, testing with two fingers to make sure there was plenty of room for her to be comfortable.

Taking the leash in one hand and picking up the post with the other he led her across to the open center of the floor. She pranced playfully, feeling very pretty with her new collar. He placed the post on the ground and with her leash pulled her back on it so that her legs went to either side. She wasn’t sure she liked this so much and maybe the collar wasn’t worth the leash.

Using the remote her turned the vibrator on and she jumped at the noise between her legs. Stroking her hair he calmed her down and she began to feel curious about this new toy. As he applied gentle pull to the leash she backed up more until the post was between her legs.

“Try it for me baby.” He said and caressed her hair. She leaned back a little further until she just barely touched the vibrator with her pussy lips. The vibrations tickled through her and she grinned and let out a purr. . . this felt good. She began to rub up and down gently on it and allowed her pussy lips to open as she became more and more aroused. He juices had started to flow and soon the vibrator was starting to get slippery as she slid up and down on it.

He pulled back a little more on the leash and she pressed it into her slit as she leaned back onto her. Her weight on the base made it very sturdy so she could push against it as she wanted to. The feel of it sliding up and down her pussy was incredible. She began to grind up and down on it harder.

She looked at him and he was smiling at her. “Good kitty . . . see? The scratching post is a fun toy isn’t it?” She squinted at him and went back to grinding her pussy on it. She could feel she was getting wet enough that her juices were dripping onto the chrome post making a little bit of a mess.

He knelt down in directly in front of her. “Such a good kitty for me aren’t you?” She squinted her eyes in a kitty smile to him. His free hand undid his pants button and zipper and he reached in and pulled his cock and balls out. He was hard as a rock and hung right in front of her face, cock bobbing up and down with his breathing ever so slightly.

“Go ahead baby.” He said to her and she quickly gobbled him in. As she was grinding against the vibrator and began to suck his cock in a frenzy. He clicked the vibrator up a notch and she purred in pleasure. His cock was nice and thick and perfect to suck on, she slid her face almost all the way down it, taking him nearly all into her mouth at once.

He pulled back so that just his cock head was in her mouth and she was about to pout when he gave the leash a tug and began to pull her face down on his cock. He pulled her down on his cock and then pulled the leash back and pulled her face back up almost off him. She readjusted her stance so that she could grind her pussy hard in time with his pulling.

He began to pull her up and down on his cock faster, stroking the shaft as she sucked him. The first taste of precum made her shiver in excitement. She wanted cream. She sucked and licked as she was pulled up and down his cock.

He clicked the vibrator up all the way and she began to shake, it felt so good. She couldn’t concentrate on sucking him as she ground her pussy on the post. All she could do was suck as she trembled. He did the rest, pulling her up and down his cock faster and faster as he got closer to cumming.

She started to moan and shake hard as she was cumming, unable to continue to grind, she was frozen as the orgasm took her. He pushed her back hard onto the post and held her there as she came, a long low wail coming from deep in her as the orgasm ripped through her body.

He was still fucking her face as he held her there, pumping his shaft with his hand fast. He was sweating and moaning and she knew he was going to be coming soon. She sucked harder as she tasted more precum, the salty warm taste flooding her mouth.

He groaned loudly and pump his cock hard a last time and then began to cum. he shot a huge load of cum in her mouth, the hot sticky liquid filling her mouth and squishing out and down her chin. Her own orgasm was still leaving her with after shocks as she sucked and swallowed and licked him. He stroked his shaft again and again and shoved his cock far into her mouth as he was milked dry by her mouth, sucking him so sweet.

Finally done he backed up a little and allowed her off the post. She was shaking like a leaf and barely able to stay on all fours. He sat back on his heels, his cock slowly going soft. She moved up and took his half hard cock into her mouth and sucked and nibbled it until he fidgeted and pulled back. She smiled at him with her cum covered face and wiggled her ass.

“See Miss Kitty? Scratching posts are our friends. They are good things aren’t they?” He said with a big grin. She grinned and rubbed against him, squinting a smile at him and purring in contentment. Who said you can’t train a kitty?